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IOT project: IOTA payed solar energy production (Part 1) update 07.07.2020

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

One of my goals is to keep up sustainability and help transit into a circle economy with lower carbon footprint. My current project turns around energy democratization which would lead to a more decentralized production. Throught out different prototyping approaches I came up with following technical overview.

My goal is to enable small energy production sites (below 1KWh) to buy and sell solar produced energy under each other.

Enabling an average swiss tenant to participate in an energy economy and reduce our carbon footprint will enforce the circular economy and probably make solar energy more popular.

The idea is based on a combination of ADE!geranium club and an already existing IOTA project.


  1. Make an agreement with landlord for solarpanel positioning done

  2. Buy panel and smart meter done

  3. Buy battery and charge controller

  4. Write code for triggering smart meter via API

  5. Integrate IOTA payments

  6. Test MIOTA payments

  7. Integrate device into circuit

  8. Finalize prototyp

  9. Lora integration??

I'm currently working on step 1 and my recent landlord update looks promising, to continue on this project.

Follow my blog for more updates.

Update 09.06.2020: Step 1 and 2 done. Looking forward fore receiving materials.

Update 14.06.2020: Panel will come on Monday. Let's see if planning and reality fit nicely.

Update 16.06.2020: Panel installation done. Already produced 0.34 kWh from lunch to night.

Update 18.06.2020: Amazing produced 1.3 kWh energy.

Update 07.07.2020: Buying a battery extends amortisation time to 18 - 20 years :-(. Battery for 2.4 kWh costs ~CHF 1000

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