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IOTA Solar Panel App starting to work

#IOTA is moving fast and the DLT concepts an possibilities are evolving too. Just recently #smart #contract beta was launched and gives to possibility to automate value exchange on a DLT. It should be a self executing contract that can act on it's own without any other agreement.

My view point currently still falls on my POC to create an platform to exchange IOTA tokens vs Watt hours produced by tenants. A tenant maybe has a very low production capacity and could produce just enough for certain micro transactions. But a network of tenant producer could be an interesting concept.

From the battery perspective it's still to expensive to go down this road but maybe using the current infrastructure as a #battery #service #provider could do the trick and would be interesting for both parties. A tenant wouldn't need to a buy a battery but still could produce energy on small scale.

Current state the app can read / write data to the tangle. Next step will be to think about signed transaction, value exchange and #stronghold.

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