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IOTA transactions (subpart 5) because battery will not become cheap without market incentives

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Since the batteries are still to expensive to participate in saving energy and using it while my energy consumption is high. I continued on getting the software done.

Today I just uploaded my first transaction to the IOTA Devnet. It's still just a "Hello World"-Message but the code will do the job. For sure there are a lot of more steps involved but to showcase my idea It feels like I'm getting closer.

My project is currently saved under and next steps is to readout my smart meter data and present via messages in the IOTA Tangle.

08.04.2021: I now have the ability to read the data from my solarpanel and attach the information to the tangle as well as read it out. But there are still some issues related to finding the right transaction.

29.06.2021: the #iota #chrysalis update made it really much easier to integrate with any other application. Started using chrysalis for uploading data.

new IndexationPayload IOTA 1.5:

old bundles system IOTA 1.0:

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