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Powershell 7.x no support for multipart/form-data?

During my scripting experience I faced an interesting challenge, that powershell seems not to natively support multipart/form-data. I've seen on Stack-overflow, reddit and nowadays generative AI examples on how to do multipart/form-data but non of those examples seemed to do the "magic" of uploading binary data to the API.

So I did currently a workaround by starting a curl command from powershell (ugly solution).

My plan is to initially implement this workaround, which gets the job done, and then later reengineer it. I’ll also follow the advice from Reddit user to capture a successful POST request and replicate the same structure.

While not all options are exhausted, unfortunately, time constraints must also be considered.

My promise is that as soon as I have a working example, I will post it on my blog. I hope it can help a younger version of me who faces the same challenge.

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