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5 easy steps to reduce your carbon footprint

On my journey to a lower co2 footprint I'm amazed how far technology has come. From early solar roof installation which where expensive and only something for home owners to now easy installable plug and play solar panels available for tenants.

There's still so much more where we all could profit from. One of my idea source is a project called tilla - tina villa. There goal is to create a plan how we could live socially, ecologically and economically together. I try to use their inspiration and drive to integrate as many idea's as possible. Following list shows my current journey and progress.

1. Be aware about your usage

Tracking my usage understanding my decision has become a sport of my own. Every day I reflect my actions and try to optimize them. It's always hard because reflecting means changing and changes are particularly hard. But no worries there are lot of other people giving you momentum to motivate any change your head.

Some inputs:

2. Reduce your carbon footprint

There are many areas where you'll easily can reduce your carbon footprint and consume less energy without evening feeling any impact. Turn off lights, unplug devices, use low energy devices, change your food habits, drive less use more public transportation.

For sure this list isn't exhausted but easy to achieve from my perspective.

By unplugging devices as example I reduced my current energy consumption to 2- 4 kWh / day.

3. Supplement your energy consumption by solar

One of my favourite on going project is using solar energy as a tenant. Follow my updates on my blog. I really like it because it combines technology, automation and sustainability.

4. Follow up on idols

Read articles, try to grasp the problem and build your own opinion. So many times we hear the same tips but that's the only way to become better (constant drip hollows the stone).

It's a steady effort but with every bit of new information you can cluster your thinking into achievable ideas and steps.

5. Get organized and start with small steps

I took me sometime to leave the idea behind I can't change a thing. This issue is just to big. But tracking was my way out. A good and easy tool would be enerjoy. It gives you a good hint on your usage and helps with challenges and tipps. It's fairly new but a good point to start. After you got an idea where you stand, apply changes. You need to take steps as more people change, as more effective every strategy becomes.

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