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Maybe POC level

My #solar #energy #project can maybe become the status of a POC. It's able to interact with the #IOTA tangle and calculate your earnings from your solar energy production.

The app will be able to transfer those earnings to your #Firefly #wallet and therefore save your earnings in #MIOTA.

Benefits of doing this with IOTA is that all this calculation can be done on an #IoT device itself because the #PoW (proof of work) with IOTA is very low and can be executed on any device. As well the distributed nature of protocol allows you to participate in the network by yourself. So you can control the entry point. And once the data is attached it's immutable without making it invalid.

The eco footprint of IOTA is amazing ( and integration has become easier with the latest release.

If there's too much text maybe the video will do it...

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